Monday, September 6, 2010

Dapper man at the market

We moved! We found an awesome place and we've moved in and are settling in nicely. More about that in a later post.

First, I was walking home after a coffee out through the morning market on our lane yesterday (!), when I spotted this handsome gentleman walking a gorgeous Frenchie and carrying a beautiful traveler's palm behind an old lady zipping through the market.

I kept an eye out and spotted him again later, this time without any obstructions. Of course I invited him home, who wouldn't? He said yes and moved in with the dog, plant and lots of style.

Yes I know it's my husband but allow me the fantasy please. Don't you think this picture could work for Sartorialist?


ChichaJo said...

He looks awesome...I'm not surprised you took him home ;) And speaking of home, a new one! Can't wait to hear more about that :)

babalisme said...

Love the French Bulldog!! and the plant,and the floral bag. Such a Sartorialist worthy pic!

Admin said...

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