Monday, December 21, 2009

Season's Greetings

We're flying to Pretoria tomorrow to go spend Christmas with my family. I can honestly say that I don't really like Christmas, the last time I got excited about this holiday was when I was a kid. Too many forced family Christmases during our hot summers kind of ruined the experience for me. And since popular world culture dictates that it should be a time of snowy winter during the holidays I've always felt kind of cheated.

I discovered this book online while searching for 'African Christmas.' I was trying to see if there are any images that related what Christmas is like here, this was the closest I came. The other option was a Santa on a surfboard. Sad.

This will probably be my last summertime Christmas for a while. Next year we'll probably be in Taiwan and the year after that potentially the States, who knows. Although I am a little nervous about spending a whole week with my family in a house on a wildlife estate outside of a city I am also looking forward to spending time with them again. I have not actually spent any real time with them in 3 years. And luckily there is a pool and I am planning to start my mornings with bloody mary's or mojitos and progress from there!

So to you and all your family. Happy holidays, enjoy the togetherness, all the food and all the drink. Merry Christmas!

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Erin said...

I love the holiday season, but being from Seattle I didn't have my first white Christmas until last year. We never go home for the holidays and prefer to have our own quiet kind of day, playing games, watching movies and eating beef wellington. No chaos of family or travel, its easy.
This year I am in California, it is supposed to be 60F on Christmas Day and I am a little out of sorts. Oh well, we drove around the Russian River area stocking up on sparkling wine for the duration so I'll make it through.

Merry Christmas, have a great time with your family.

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