Thursday, February 18, 2010

Straight people, you need to stop

Okay I know I am preaching to the choir here. And I know that if you need to go as low as these people to prove a point you really do not have a point, but still it gets me really mad. This offensive. And striaght people of the world, you need to set your kind right.
Over the past few years I have heard several idiocies coming out of the mouths of homophobic people and it just seems to be getting worse. Is there no dignity anymore?
Recent cases are the New Hampshire State Representative, Nancy Elliott, who said the following in a discussion on same-sex marriage: "We’re talking about taking the penis of a man and putting it in the rectum of another man and wriggling it around in excrement. And you have to think, would I want that to be done to me?” (Watch the clip over at OMGblog)

Lady, you need to shut up. You do not know the first thing about anal sex, gay sex and clearly also not hetero sex. You came to this meeting to discuss marriage, why take it to anal sex? Why take it to poop? Does same-sex marriage mean you are now going to have to do anal sex? Have you got any idea hw many heterosexual men and women enjoy giving and receiving anal sex with penises and with strap-on dildos? Are you going to be putting a stop to heterosexual people getting married if they enjoy anal?

And poop? So many questions for you Ms. Elliott. Did you even prepare for this meeting or did you just get fixated on your own constipated personality and then decided to take a serious discussion to the kindergarten playground, talking about shit.

And then there was this Ugandan idiot, Pastor Martin Ssempa, an anti-gay clergyman who decided, in an effort to educate his followers about the evils of homosexuality, to show gay porn to his congregation. Nice move, show it to the kids and to the whole church. (Read the whole article on the BBC's website)

I wonder, did this idiot follow it up with a sermon about hetero sex and showed the congregation some images of every form of straight porn, from plain old plumber visiting to snuff films and violent pornography? And did he follow that up with discussions of the fact that HIV transmission in Africa is mainly as a result of straight people having unprotected sex and did he talk about domestic abuse in hetero families and teen pregnancies and botched teen abortions and oh, the fact that it is still not uncommon for HIV positive men in many African countries to rape babies to 'cure' them from HIV?

Seriously. what the hell is wrong with these people? Are we gay people really that scary that you have to go to such lengths to scare other people into fearing us or be disgusted by us? Jeeze. You need to find a hobby. Do something creative. But find a better way to use your time than hating on gay people.

Don't talk to me about family values. Straight people invented messing that whole thing up. And don't make an issue out of homosexuality when your own country is a pretty mess. Get a life and stop messing with mine and other people like me.

*This is a much toned down version of my original post in which I mostly swore. But I try to be polite. See? It's possible.

**I took the image from the website of the World Policy Institute- Project for Global Democracy and Human Rights.


Erin said...

I grew up with people of most every race and sexuality and had no clue that we were different until I was older and had it pointed out to me. Keegan was just the boy who twirled with us on the bars and Ron was just the gardener at church. Eventually after years of faithful service Ron was fired by a new priest who was all hell fire and brimstone. Things are so much more simple when you don't have some nut job in a position of authority fucking things up so entirely.

One of the most galling things to me is that every gay friend I have is in a loving, healthy and stable relationship unlike half of my straight married friends. I am not saying that being gay means you will have a perfect relationship, just that goodness and love are not determined by the sum of your parts. Leave it to the government and clergy to be too moronic to see it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, honey... Please... every one of them (Nancy Elliott, Martin Ssempa, and the like) have taken it up the ass and LOVED it. It's fear mongering at it's finest. I wish there was a way to combat hate. Fingers crossed it happens some day. Thanks for the post. XO.

dorothy said...

unreal. though i do find the ugandan president creative in his approach to getting his rocks off. wonder how many people wriggled in their seats and put their songbook on their laps? i wonder if my dad will show a gay video in the kerk. would be so awesome to watch the many closeted peeps there wriggle. must suggest.

Andrea said...

This shit makes me want to scream, so I often do. Sometimes I wonder what century these people think they're living in, and even more than that, what kind of people harbor such hatred towards others. I just don't get it and I never will. It won't make you feel better, but many of us straight people actively stand up against this crap and set people "straight" (that's a stupid pun) when they spew such hate. History will judge them for what they are: ignorant bigots.

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