Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I desire- a hairless cat.

It's been years, YEARS since I've had a cat. My last cat traveled from Taiwan to South African in 2005 and has been living with my parents ever since. Not long after I met Alexander (not a pet person) and we've been doing too much travel to justify getting a pet.

But I really miss having one and whenever I see a cat, any cat, I get all gushy and nag Alexander for one. The answer is always no. I'm not picky about what cat we get. All the cats I've ever owned in my thirty-odd years, six, were stray cats and they were all pretty awesome. So I don't mind picking up a stray one from the SPCA again or taking an abandoned kitty home.

But I can't help but be very intrigued by these hairless cat species. I know I know. They are pretty unattractive. But adorable don't you think? I saw one on The Real Housewives of New York (judge as much as you like) and it was all scratching up against a box. A-do-ra-ble.

I totally desire a hairless kitty. I read that since they're not too fuzzy they get cold easily so they luck to cuddle. And they like getting under the covers with you and sleep all close to you. Totally my kind of kitty!

Anybody know of someone with a litter let me know!


lolla said...

And they do not cause hayfever! You will be glad to know that one of the six is very curly-up and cuddly these days.

W.E. said...

These kitties are so cute in a freakishly alien sort of way...perhaps there is one waiting for you at the local SPCA?
Enjoy your blog immensely!

Bordeaux said...

Thanks for the kind words, W.E. Yes I'd consider myself very fortunate if I can get a lost one from the SPCA!

Aw Lolla give a hug to Zim from me.

Anesia said...

they are tooooooo cute! my kinda cat...no hayfever :-)

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