Friday, January 1, 2010

And a happy new year to you too

Judging by everybody's Facebook status, including my own, 2009 was one crap year. We all went into it with so much expectation, despite the recession. Maybe we were all still on an Obama high? There were highlights, of course, Alexander and I got married, we baked a lot, ate well, lived a pretty active lifestyle here in Cape Town, but on the whole, it was rough.

After much debate we decided to sleep in the New Year. We catered for a party, came home and made dinner, watched a DVD and by 11:10 my tired behind was in bed. I woke up to neighbours stomping and shouting at midnight and all I could think was, good bloody riddance.

Maybe sleeping into 2010 was a good thing. I woke up this morning feeling cautiously optimistic. Maybe 2010 will be better. We have many destinations to look forward to, seeing our family in the US again, welcoming a new baby into our family here, seeing dear old friends again. I'm sure there will be lots of stressful events as well and things won't always go as planned. But after last year I think I can deal with it.

To welcome you into the New Year, here's a picture from that made me giggle this morning. I know, very immature of me, but it made me happy. Happy 2010!

3 comments: said...

Happy New Year 2010.

Jeanne said...

Hope that 2010 brings you new adventures, new stamps in your passport, new recipes and renewed energy :)

Daniel-Halifax said... brings so much immature 'happyness two me life.'

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