Sunday, January 10, 2010

'Where the Wild Things Are' finally made its way to South Africa and we went to see it last night. I guess I knew all along I would not be disappointed, since hearing about it the first time I have been totally excited for its release, I have faith in Spike Jonze. And he did not disappoint.

It was mesmerizing and so incredibly beautiful from perfect start to finish. It was brilliant. I feel like seeing it again today. If you grew up loving the book go see the movie (if you have not already done so). It is fantastic.

Alexander was reading up about the movie this morning, and how Maurice Sendak went off about people saying it is not a movie for children and should have an age restriction, also about how the book was originally banned in some countries, along with some other works by him like 'In the Midnight Kitchen'. It is strange how parents are totally fine with their children watching 'Star Wars' and 'Transformers', movies that are blatantly violent and aggressive, but when it comes to suggestion and emotions they rear up in protest. People are stupid.

I included this image of Spike Jonze with Max Records who played Max in the movie, just because I have the tiniest crush on Mr Jonze. Kind of dorky handsome, don't you think. Blush-blush.


Erin said...

Where the Wild Things Are is one of my all time favorite books. I adore the works of Maurice Sendak. He designed the set and costumes for Nutcracker production for the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle in the early eighties. To this day it remains the most unique and vivid ballet I have ever seen. That being said, I haven't seen WWTA. I was a little gunshy, but after hearing what you have to say, I think I'll be brave and check it out. I love the soundtrack. Karen O rocks my world.

Bordeaux said...

On Erin you should see it. So beautiful to see and to feel. Read some review that complained about lack of a central plot and trying to dumb it down, really dumb. It was really honest and it was life. I loved it. And the Karen O soundtrack is great!

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