Saturday, January 30, 2010

En route

We arrived in Bangkok on Wednesday and have been non-stop eating ever since. Arriving back in Asia was like a homecoming. A very strange homecoming in a way. The fact that we left South Africa and was back in Asia only hit me once we passed a night market on the way to the guesthouse.

I thought I'd be overwhelmed by everything, but instead everything just feels so natural and similar. Almost as if I have never left. I realized again that I might be happiest in Asia.

We also got to see our friend Paul just before he left on a trip to Hong Kong and Shanghai and we got to hang out with our friend and former colleague Sarah a few times and celebrating her birthday with

We are departing for Taiwan in a couple of hours where we will spend the next month. I'll blog about our short trip in Bangkok from there and of course about our stay in my home island.


Anonymous said...

So happy for you. Have an amazing time. Part of me still belongs to that island.

Oh, and in case you're interested, I'm inarticulately fumbling somewhere else as of today.

amesh said...

bordeaux! give me your add in kuala lumpur, since it's the closest to indonesia, i thought i could send you some souvenirs from indonesia! how would you like one of my batik print fabrics? i mean it, shoot me an email, find my email at my profile ok? oh am so excitedd!

Suzana said...

So curious you felt that way! It's a bit the same with me every time I get to London --instead of a huge emotion, the only thing I normally feel is as I had never left. You know what they say: home is where your heart is. :)

Hope you have a wonderful time!

dorothy said...

peekchuz pleez

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