Thursday, October 22, 2009

Entertaining with burgers

We are on a bit of a burger-consuming spree at the moment. Probably bad for the waist and general health, but great for my wellbeing. Good Burger=Happy Bordeaux. Last week we went out for them twice. Once at Royale and then again at some place the name of which I have completely forgotten. It starts with a B. This coming Saturday we are going back to Royale with some friends and when we decided to invite a friend over for dinner last night I decided on burgers for dinner. Told you we were on a spree.

We started the evening by enjoying the refreshing popular cup, a retro drink Alexander mixed earlier in the day for our picnic lunch.

For dinner I decided to have everyone assemble their own meals, instead of struggling with this part in the kitchen. I enjoy the idea of an interactive meal. I set out the cooked burgers, Italian rolls, caramelized onions, rocket, yogurt and dill dip, chutney and a mayo and sri-ratcha dip on the table alongside the roasted root vegetables (sweet potatoes, potatoes, kohlrabi and whole garlic). Simple!

I decided to serve Eaton mess for desert; it seemed a fun way to end the evening. No pictures of those unfortunately as they turned out to be a hot mess, I managed to burnt the meringues. Still tasted okay though.

It was a fun evening with good food and great company, accompanied by bottles of Beyerskloof Pinotage our generous host brought along. Needless to say I woke up this morning feeling a little brittle and am still suffering a little from over indulgence at the moment. I do so not enjoy aging…


ChichaJo said...

Nice to see your new site! Will be following your jaunts here :)

Erin said...

Great idea and sri racha is my all time favorite burger condiment. Never had Eton Mess, though I'm in England right now and have the goal of trying it before I leave.

Jeanne said...

Mmm, I love assemble-it-yourself meals! I used to host build-a-pizza parties when I still lived at home :) Eton mess is one of my favourites - you should try it with blackberries instead of strawberries!

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