Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Royale Dinner

One place I consistently missed in Cape Town after leaving in 2006 was Royale Eatery, a seriously fun restaurant on Long street. Royale’s main claim to fame is there impressive range of burgers, mostly of the gourmet variety. From hearty meat burgers to 100% vegan ones, there is something for just about everyone. Besides burgers they also have an impressive pizza and pasta menu, fantastic salads, wicked shakes and innovative cocktails. But it is the burgers that keep me going back.

I usually made a point of ordering something else from the menu on every visit, never to be disappointed by my selection. Their burgers are universally well-prepared and good fun. That was until July of this year. We went there with Alexander’s family and I decided to try the very simple ‘Miss Piggy’. Beef patty, bacon and guacamole. One bite and I was sold. It was by far the best burger I’ve ever had there, and I’ve had plenty to compare it too. The beef burger was grilled to perfection, the bacon crunchy and the guacamole provided a rich and smooth accompaniment. I was sold.

We went back a week later and I ordered exactly the same. Recently we went there for a small celebration and I tried the ‘Hawaiian Miss Piggy’, served with a slice of pineapple. It was good but not great.

So when we went there with some friends this past Saturday for our second burger fix of the week, I did not even look at the menu. I knew what I was getting.

And it did not disappoint. The ‘Miss Piggy’ is the perfect burger, I think it would stand up to Tim’s standards of a great burger. I believe we’ll go back there a couple more times before leaving Cape Town, and whereas I will gladly change my drink of choice every time, my teeth will only be sunk into one kind of burger.


Daniel-Halifax said...

OH MAN!! i loved Royale!! I miss that about CPT too!

Best Burger LA said...

Completely agree... 3 Members of our burger club checked out Royale and it was great!

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