Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I desire- a coffee maker

We have a really cute espresso maker, a french press and several Vietnamese coffee drips in our home. They all contribute to keeping us caffeinated and happy. It's a good selection which means we can have coffee in more ways than one. But I am starting to really-really miss having a good old fashioned drip coffee maker. I used to have ones in the past, but not since Bangkok have we had one. If we weren't moving early next year I'd get one now, but that seems like a waste.

I miss the whole ritual of the coffee maker. The filter paper that gets filled with ground coffee, filling the machine with cold water, flicking the switch and listening to the dripping sound of the water falling through the filter into the pot and the gargling noises it makes while preparing the coffee. And then I love how you can make a big pot and have a couple of cups in a row, working up a steady buzz. I remember working on sewing projects long ago this way, making a big pot late in the evening and working through the night, refilling my cup often, going on a complete caffeine high and dancing and sewing through the night.

It does not have to be anything fancy, just a simple black or white one would do. All I ask is that it has a glass pot so I can see the coffee level rising. Tired of your machine? I'll provide a good home until February!

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