Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Entertaining with ravioli

Last week I decided to be exceptionally cruel to my arms and hands and create home-made ravioli, sans the help of a pasta machine. My hands were aching for three days after that episode. But it was a good exercise and I might just attempt it again some day. The ravioli was for a dinner we had with some friends here at ours that evening.

The guests arrived at around eight, dinner was served closer to ten. When I started cooking the ravioli I discovered that my sheets were not nearly thin enough, so after having cooked the ravioli once for a few seconds in rapidly boiling water, I had to cook it again and for longer. I felt like a terrible host.

At least there were several bottles of wine and excellent company, so while I was spazzing away in the kitchen our guests were having a fine, albeit starving, evening. And of course that meant that when I finally did serve dinner everybody was just to hungry to notice that my ravioli was potentially just a bit of a big mess. Phew!

Having guests over is always great fun and I think we don't do it nearly enough. Looking forward to the next evening of entertaining, hopefully without any mishaps.

* Thanks to Alexander for the pictures
** The light in our place is awful, hence the strange color in the images.

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