Monday, November 2, 2009

Hand drawn maps

Ever heard about the Hand Drawn Map Association? They collect and archive hand drawn maps from all over the world and of just about any place and anything, and display it on their website. Some of the maps are just quickly sketched directions on napkins, some are more detailed and precise while others are elaborate fantasy maps.

Many of the maps have a story behind them, included by whoever submitted it, the one above left was drawn by a kid who wanted to remind his/her grandparents of a birthday party and was worried they might forget or get lost.

The map top right was a fantasy map drawn by a kid who kept it and only submitted it now as an adult. How detailed and beautifully drawn! Anyone can submit maps they have found or drawn to the association and if there is a story to tell include it. They are currently also working on publishing a book of maps. I can't wait to see it.
Inspired by these I decided to create my own hand drawn map of Taiwan. It follows the routes I traveled on over the years, some along the coast, some over mountains and some over the sea, like to Lio-chu island. As you can see it is not exactly a map of Taiwan, but only of the routes, that basically shape the island. I was going to add modes of transport that I used by all the routes, but I think I'll have to practice drawing little map symbols first, I was not blessed with great drawing talents!

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amesh said...

that hand drawn map by a kid on the top left just melt my heart :)

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