Monday, November 2, 2009

Take me back to your house- Alexandra's house with deer and owls

Ever been to Dos Family? It is a fantastic design blog with a regular feature where they visit the homes of different people and photograph it for their blog. Don't you just love the idea? It's like going on a voyeuristic trip to hip and stylish homes without the help of a pair of binoculars or some locksmith tricks.
I was perusing over some older entries the other day when I happened on the house of Alexandra, sister of one of the contributors. What caught my eye, more than the pale color palette and quirky antiques, were the glimpses of owls and deer in her house. Take me back to your house!

While in Bangkok I bought several T-shirts with deer motives on them, it became a theme in my wardrobe and I still love them. My mother is an owl-freak. I grew up in a home filled with owls in all shapes and forms, from fridge magnets and portraits to ceramic owls. I would often go through the house and count every owl I could find, close to a hundred! So of course Alexandra's house hit a chord with me. Go check here for more images of her house.

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